Finding the perfect countertop to complete your kitchen, bathroom, or other room, can be a long process, but it doesn't have to be. At Ocean Tile Gallery, we understand that each stone is unique and one of a kind. We work with you to find the perfect stone or granite countertop to complement the rest of the room. Whether you are looking for the high-end luxury and durability of granite or the more high maintenance but beautiful creamy appearance of limestone, Ocean Tile Gallery can help you make that choice. For more information and to browse our selection, come visit our expansive gallery, conveniently located in Westerly, RI or call us today!

Natural Stone Options


Countertops Inspiration

One of the most popular high-end countertops, known for its durability and stain resistance. This luxury stone remains as popular as ever. As the popularity of the common salt and pepper look wanes, it has given way to a vast array of unique granite countertops with flowing veins and a wide variety of colors and styles.



If you are searching for a timeless, luxury look, marble is the stone for you. Marble has been a staple in luxury homes for thousands of years and has stood the test of time. Its natural cool surface is great for the serious baker. Although not as durable as granite, many people prefer it for the way it develops character through the small blemishes that appear over the years.



Soapstone is unique in that it can be molded because it is relatively soft. Therefore, you can create matching sinks, or carve drain boards out of the same stone. It's clean and polished look is easily maintained with mineral oil, which can easily cover scratches. Although the color variety is less than other stones, soapstone can vary from dark gray to stone with slight blue or green hues. Some slabs also have subtle veining or quartz flecks.



The most popular version of quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that appears similar to heavily veined marble. It is similar to granite in its resistance to scratching and staining, which makes it a very appealing choice.



Available in shades of black, gray, and brown, this sleek stone countertop is a great option for your room. Slate is resistant to staining and scratches, which makes it great for your kitchen or bathroom. This option works great in rooms that have another splash of color in the room decor.



Limestone is beginning to make its foray into the countertop scene because of its beautiful, creamy appearance. Although this stone is a little more high maintenance, it's subtle beauty leads many to believe that the effort is worth the reward.


Engineered Stone Options


Quartz is a manufactured stone that is essentially crushed quartz manufactured into a countertop and is gaining a reputation for being similar in durability to granite, with the appearance of marble. This combination makes it highly desirable. It also comes in a wide variety of styles, with variations of both coloring and patterning.


Engineered Stone


Engineered Granite


Engineered Marble




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